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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: more than 300 patients have called a police hotline, over concerns gynecologist, nikita levy, secretly videotaped them inside exam rooms in johns hopkins, medical center. they're also rushing to lawyers. jan than shicur took out ads. he spent the day speaking to patients who are former clients. >> if my clients come in to see and -- me and they ask all kinds of questions. well, he made secret images of us. what did he do with them? >> he represented earl bradley, who videotaped himself abusing children. >> they have an ongoing obligation to vet these doctors. >> reporter: despite wjz's repeated request, johns hopkins has refused to make anyone available for an interview about the scandal. >> reporter: they said in a statement, words cannot express
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how deeply sorry we are for every patient whose privacy may have been violated. one patient who didn't want her face shown, claims dr. levy flirted with her, causing her to switch doctors. >> reporter: what made you uneasy about him? >> the way he would say certain things. >> reporter: hopkins said coworkers contacted security about dr. levy february 4th. and soon after, they fond evidence of the secret recordings. they fired him on february 8th. >> reporter: he committed suicide in his home in towson earlier this week. police believe there are many victims. >> there had to be red flags someplace. this doctor was imbalanced. >> reporter: federal authorities are also helping baltimore city police, simply because of the large number of images that they recovered from dr. levy's computer. and at this point, police do not know whether any of those images have been distributed. reporting live in least baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. dr. levy worked at the east
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baltimore medical center since 1988. a city police trainee is in critical condition, after he shot during a training accident in baltimore county. and now, we are learning that the department did not have permission to be there at all. denise is in the newsroom with details on a new twist in the investigation. denise? >> reporter: the city police department did not have permission to conduct training exercises at the rosewood hospital. the health department tells our media partner, the baltimore sun, city police did not meet the condition to use the shutdown facility for training. the training supervisor who fired that round is now on leave. six officers remain on suspension. and a new training academy director is now in charge. mary? >> all right, denise. thank you. police commissioner anthony batts said the department was not aware vans filled with police recruits were being taken to the facility. state police are now conducting a criminal investigation. the hunt to find the person who murdered a university of maryland eastern shore student continues. tonight, state police have a
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new tool to help them catch the killer. derek valcourt reports. >> reporter: the video does not show the murder itself. but it does show people walking and driving by. and those are people that police say they need to find. >> reporter: the murder happened just out of camera range of this surveillance video. it was snowing around 9:00 saturday night. look closely, you can see a group of at least three people walking by. car after car drives by as well. someone walks by, carrying an umbrella. state police are asking what, if anything, did these people see? >> these are potential witnesses that we need to speak to. >> reporter: directs -- detectives now releasing this video, as they try to track down more people who might have seen the three young men who stabbed 21-year-old edmond st. claire to death in the middle of this road that runs through the university of maryland eastern shore. the campus was bustling with visitors and students during
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their homecoming weekend. the murder happened near student dormitories. but many said they saw nothing. >> i saw the ambulances and the lights and i was like, what happened? >> reporter: police say they're looking for three young african american men in their late teens or early 20s. that's right around the age of most college students. >> the description they gave wasn't a good description. it could be anybody on this campus. kind of a little scared. >> reporter: and with the killers still on the loose, investigators know every possible lead they can get from this video will help. >> if you recognize any of the vehicles. if you recognize any of the people, we ask that you please contact the police. >> reporter: state police are still offering a $2,000 reward for information that helps lead to an arrest and conviction in this case. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. for another look at that security camera video, log onto our website, and look for the story under the news section. former illinois congressman
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jesse jackson, jr., now faces several years in prison, after admitting in court that he took hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds for personal use. danielle nottingham reports for wjz from washington. >> reporter: jesse jackson, jr., wiped tears from his eye, as the judge read charges against him. the former congressman admitted to spending more than $700,000 in campaign cash on personal items and said he misled the american people. >> jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct. and those who were in court saw that he did precisely that. >> reporter: jackson spent $43,000 a rolex watch. $9,000 on furniture. and more than $5,000 on expensive clothes. his wife sandra was also in court wednesday, facing her own charge of filing false income tax returns. jackson, the son of the civil rights leader, spent 17 years in congress before taking a leave of absence for bipolar disorder, and then resigning.
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>> those health issues are directly related to his present predicament. that's not an excuse. that's just a fact. >> reporter: jackson made his admission as part of the guilty plea and now faces up to 5 years in prison. but the judge said several times in court, he is not bound by the sentencing guidelines. jackson's plea agreement requires him to repay $750,000 in campaign funds, including money he used for travel and meals with a mistress. he also has to turn over bruce lee and michael jackson memorabilia he bought, including a $4,000 guitar and a $4600 fedora. jackson is scheduled to be sentenced in june. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. and as a convicted felon, jesse jackson, jr., had to give up his right to vote. if you step outside today, you might think baltimore is the windy city. let's take a live look outside.
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the sun is going down. and the wind picks up. that's making it colder. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are updating the temperatures. >> or at least for the first time today. we've seen clearing skies. clouds and flurries in some spots this afternoon. right now, still in the mid- 30s. but 20 in oakland. 40 in d.c. 38 in ocean city. but still have that breeze, anywhere from 12 to almost 20, 25-mile-an-hour breeze in hagerstown. and that brings your wind chills down into the single digits in oakland. and 18 in hagerstown. we're around 23. if you're dressing out tonight, make sure you dress for temperatures in the upper teens to low to mid-20s. what do the next few days bring us? bernadette woods has a look at that. >> this chilly air is going to continue. the winds are going to back off a little bit. but still a breezy day. still chilly. highs only in the 30s tomorrow afternoon. as we head toward friday, what's happening is the new storm system is going to move into this chilly air. as it does, though, once again,
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we could get a mix, late friday at the beginning of this storm, before it changes over to rain on saturday. so a little bit of everything. might be coming our way once again. of course, we will have more details coming up in your forecast. now, back inside. >> bernadette, thank you. in just two weeks, far- reaching budget cuts, known as the sequester, are set to take effect. it could cause massive job cuts and changes to services we count on. in an effort to make its case to the american people, president obama is taking to the airways. wjz is live at the white house, where vic has spent the day, a short time ago, he asked the president about this doomsday deadline. hi, vic. >> hi, mary. there's certainly no question that here at the white house, the new cycle has been dominated by those talks about sequestration and those looming budget cuts that could affect the nation's biggest agencies. >> reporter: at the white house today, the president and senior staff continued to warn congress that if action is not taken, the country is in danger of having to furlough thousands
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of government employees. the president said the ball is clearly in congress's court, with marylander's jobs and services hanging in the balance. >> what i say to them is that there is no reason they should be furloughed. there is no reason they should lose their job or be laid off. this is a problem that congress can solve. you know, these automatic spending cuts that were put into place back in 2011, were designed to get congress actually -- avoid them, by coming together with more sensible approaches to deficit reduction. >> reporter: the president said this will likely be a close one, just like the fiscal cliff. >> i don't know why in this town, folks leave stuff until the last minute. there's no other profession, no other industry where people wait until the 11th hour to solve these big problems. and obviously, it creates a lot of uncertainty in our economy. >> reporter: now, if those cuts go through, more than 12,000 people could lose their jobs in the state of maryland alone. and education could lose about $55 million in funding for next
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year. i'm vic carter. live at the white house. now back to you. >> all right, vic. >> on television hill. >> thank you, vic. republicans do not agree with the president's approach to the looming budget crisis. today, wjz spoke to maryland's only republican congressman andy harris for reaction to the president's message. >> we disagree with the president. we think this government should be working on a budget that eventually balances. the president's budget never balances. the ryan budget this year and the house republican budget will balance in 10 years. >> and congressman harris represents maryland a first district. >> the maryland gas station sells the winning mega millions lottery ticket. christie ileto has more on the mystery surrounding the winner. >> reporter: somewhere in maryland, someone is sitting on a mega million jackpot ticket, worth $26 million. this mount airy gas station is where it was sold. >> i was shocked. like here. i didn't know it was here. i knew it was in mount airy,
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but not here. >> i have never been to one of the places that has sold anything, quite like this. >> some are wishing they had taken a gamble sooner. >> i was just thinking this week. $26 million, maybe i should buy a ticket. and i didn't. >> reporter: gas station staff may be tight-lipped about the $26,000 they're getting for telling the -- selling the winning ticket. but no doubt this place is a lucky charm. >> reporter: mega million tickets are sold in 44 states. and the odds of win a jackpot? 175 million to 1. >> we're very excited. >> reporter: maryland lottery says the mystery winner has 182 days to claim the cash prize. they can either take $665,000 a year for 26 years. or get $12.6 million after taxes. >> it's a win, win, win, everywhere you look at it. the retailer, certainly who every won that ticket in the state of maryland. >> reporter: the state cashes in, too.
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they get $1.6 million in taxes. as for the mystery winner, you have millions of people lining up to be just like you. >> reporter: the last time maryland had a mega millions jackpot winner was in march 2012. in mount airy, christie ileto, wjz eyewitness news. >> the maryland lottery says if you have the winning ticket, make sure you sign your name on the back. that way only you can claim that prize. more more, go to and look for the story under news section. still to come. up in flames. police searched through the ashes of a kansas city neighborhood. what happened? and what teens are searching for. back in jail. shocking testimony about olympian-turned murder suspect oscar pistorius. what neighbors are saying. with the city of baltimore facing a dire financial future among other problems, today, the mayor mapped out her plan to get us back on track.
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i'm monique griego. coming up, the tough changes ahead. a windy and chilly night shaping up in our area. don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob.
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it's mostly sunny. 33 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. we are following breaking news right now. a water main break. a major one. on old court road in pikesville. sky eye chopper 13 is live over the scene for us. captain jeff long with more. captain jeff? >> good evening, southbound park heights avenue is closed at this hour. at this intersection of old court, westbound old court also closed for this water main break in pikesville. and we're being told that salt trucks will be staged here throughout the evening, with the cold temperatures. they don't want any additional
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freezing going on. and so this is creating a little bit of traffic diversion. so it's best if you avoid this area. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> all right. captain jeff. thank you. we'll bring you more information as we get it. a body is found in the aftermath of a massive explosion in kansas city, missouri. adriana diaz reports for wjz, firefighters are still searching through the rubble for any more victims. >> reporter: fireofficials say they found a body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city, missouri restaurant. police had not been able to account for at least one jj's employee, after an explosion tuesday night. >> we cannot provide any positive identification at this point. obviously, it is sad news. >> reporter: officials are still searching the rubble to make sure there aren't any more victims. the blast damaged several buildings in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district just before the dinnertime rush. witnesses say they smelled gas.
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fire officials confirmed there was an accident at a construction site, about an hour before the blast. >> we were called for a construction worker that had struck a gas line. we arrived on the scene there, conferred with missouri gas energy at the time. we left the scene in their hands. >> reporter: the explosion and fire injured at least 15 people, some critically. a major winter storm is expected to hit the area wednesday night. so city officials say they are working fast to collect evidence that will help with the investigation. adriana diaz, for wjz eyewitness news. and the fire department says multiple agencies are on site to conduct the investigation. missouri utility regulators have also launched an investigation. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, crition tee. >> hi -- kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. busy on the top side inner loop. if you're traveling that way, expect delays there around to
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harford road. on the west side inner loop, that stretch is slow from 295 to liberty road. average speed, about 35 miles an hour. couple of slow places on northbound 95. from 32 over to 100. then it slows down again from the 895 split past whitemarsh boulevard. as far as accidents go, sky eye chopper 13 reported that water main break at old court road, at park heights. we also have another accident in that area. old court at reisterstown road. accidents include southbound richie highway at jones station. north calvert at eager. also, east northern parkway at laurelton road. you can see the inner loop of the beltway, crawling along there. west of york road. and we'll take another live look. a lot of volume there. everything seems to be moving along on the beltway at security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hard wood and laminate, too. bill's has it all for you. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. tough tradeoffs. that's what mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says it will
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take to pull baltimore city out of a dire financial situation. wjz is live. monique griego has more on her 10-year plan, just released today. monique? >> reporter: mary, the plan's main focus is to cut spending. but it also devotes millions of dollars towards fighting blight within the city. >> reporter: despite millions in cuts, baltimore is heading towards a fiscal nightmare. the city's deficit is projected to reach $2 billion in 10 years. so to keep that from happening today, the mayor released a new financial plan. >> this plan includes a major set of reforms to fundamentally change the way the city does business. >> reporter: investing in more money for city improvements. it will come from reducing the city's work force through attrition and not filling vacances. -- vacancies. they are also looking at reducing its staff.
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>> we had one close in july. i think baltimore fire has taken a big hit. >> reporter: the mayor says others include another large lun. -- run. still, some fear layoffs may be next. >> you guys obviously will be fighting some of these changes? >> i would say so. >> reporter: another part of the mayor's plan is to devote millions of dollars to fix up neighborhoods plagued by crime and abandoned buildings. park heights neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods in need help. >> trying to redo our community. because it has so many vacancies. >> reporter: the mayor's plan would give over $100 million to the vacants to value plan. it would demolish some. >> i think it's going to be good. i haven't exhaust today yet. but when i do -- >> you're hopeful? >> i'm hopeful. >> reporter: and the mayor's plan also includes changes to the city's employee pension plan. and aims to reduce city property taxes by 20% over the
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next 10 years. reporting live at city hall, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> and none of these changes are set in stone. just simply proposals for changes. >> lots of people would like weather to change. some people would like a big snow. >> right. >> not us. >> don't care. >> right. but the weather does change. >> we may see some precip by the end of the week. but doesn't look like it's going to be a big deal. 34, making it feel like 22 out there. come back and take a look at another cold but sunnier day tomorrow. right after
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i'm vic carter, live at the white house. it is pretty chilly today. but earlier, we were on the south lawn. and take a look who we ran into. it's bo. the first dog. he was out with his handlers today, enjoying the sunshine. bo is a portuguese water dog. pretty well behaved. and i'm telling you, he has a coat so soft, it feels a lot like bob turk's hair. but anyway, the dog is well behaved. and quite a cute animal. let's check in with bob right now on our weather. and i'm telling you, bob. feels like there's a cold wind blowing out of the north here. >> well, it's about 5 degrees
5:26 pm
warmer in d.c. than it is here. but yeah. it's colder here than anywhere. that is one cute dog. i'll say that much. take a look at temperatures around the area here now. 38 in washington. well, we're 34. 35 in easton. 20 in oakland. 38 in ocean city. and 40 down in pax river. locally, temperatures ranging from below freezing to the north to the mid- to upper 30s down to the south. 36, annapolis and kent island and rock hall. now, we do villaina have an-- have an area of low pressure. snow today in northern oklahoma. portions of kansas picked up as much as 5 to 8 inches of snow today. east of the area, where the warmer air is, there's thunderstorm activity. that's going to move across the south. could be heavy rain across georgia, alabama, and mississippi over the next couple of days. eventually, some of that rain will reach our region, we think, by saturday. however, this area of precipitation will be moving into somewhat colder air in our region. we probably have enough residual cold air here in the baltimore region, particularly
5:27 pm
from d.c. north that will see some snow, sleet and maybe some freezing rain late friday and friday night before we get warm enough with winds coming off the ocean for it to transition into just plain rain. and it could be a good deal of rain here on saturday. to our north this afternoon. still some snow showers. we had a few move through our region this afternoon. a few flurries. watching that advance toward our region. high pressure now. windy conditions. tonight and again tomorrow. friday, high moves off. here comes the moisture. as i mentioned, it will be cold enough here, particularly from baltimore and d.c. north, to see a little precip. and warmer air and rain on saturday. winds tomorrow, as high as 30 knots. bay temp, right around 38 degrees. so tonight, let's call it clear to partly cloudy. 21 by morning. i'll have another cold night and still breezy. tomorrow, still breezy. windy at times. but cold. high of only 37. normal high tomorrow is around
5:28 pm
46. still only in the upper 30s with that precip coming in on friday as i mentioned. probably some snow, sleet and a little freezing rain is possible late in the day on friday or friday night. >> a mix again. we keep getting the mix. >> we knocked it in the right spot. >> next year maybe. well, there, i just jinxed it. coming in march. all right? >> thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00, everybody. a domestic violence situation turns deadly in baltimore. i'm rochelle ritchie. i'll have that story coming up next. armstrong. what the cycling star has to do to avoid a lifetime ban. and i'm vic carter, live at the white house, at the highest levels. there is concern about violence in schools. today, the secretary of education, arne duncan, talked to me about a number of cases around the country, and what is being done, including in baltimore. i'll have that story coming up.
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here's today's report from wall street.
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5:31. 34 degrees and mostly clear. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. murder-suicide mystery. a woman is dead, after being shot by a man who then turned the gun on himself. wjz is live at city police
5:32 pm
headquarters. rochelle ritchie is there. and is live with more on what detectives think happened. good evening, rochelle. >> reporter: good evening, kai. well, baltimore city police think this is a domestic violence situation that sadly turned deadly after the man shot the woman in the stomach. >> reporter: what happened behind the doors of this home on frisbee street last night remains under investigation and a shock to neighbors. >> for me to live right across the street, i think it's sad. >> reporter: baltimore police say just before 7:00 last night, violence erupted inside the home between a man and a woman. >> there is a history of domestic-related incidents. >> investigators believe this is an incident of murder- suicide, where the male in question shot the female and then turned the weapon upon himself. >> reporter: the gunshot could be heard blocks away. >> i thought i heard gunshots. i wasn't sure. but when i saw police, i figured it was gunshots. >> reporter: police say the man inside the home killed 33-year-
5:33 pm
old candice baird before killing himself. neighbors say they never noticed any problems. >> i seen him before. you wouldn't be able to tell they were going through nothing like that. >> reporter: when police arrived, they found a young boy sitting on the steps who said a relative was dead. neighbors say while they are saddened for the victim, they can only imagine the pain endured by the child at home. >> traumatized. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and baltimore city police have not released the identity of the man who fired those fatal shots. i'm rochelle ritchie, back to you. >> rochelle, thank you. police are not saying if the man and woman were married. they urge anyone in an abusive relationship to seek help. imprisoned. maryland native alan gross is visited in cuba by a congressional delegation. denise has details on the meeting that took place in havana. >> reporter: the seven-member delegation was led by senator patrick lehe and chris holland.
5:34 pm
leahy said they talked with castro. he characterized the meeting as good but gave no specifics on gaining gross's release. gross was arrested in 2009. and his family has been trying to get his release on humanitarian grounds. gross has lost over 100 pounds in prison and is suffering from several chronic illnesses. mary? >> cuban officials have said they would release gross, only if washington would release five cuban agents serving jail terms in the u.s. lawyers for south african track star oscar pistorius are trying to convince a judge to let him out of court. police told the court the double-amputee runner is a flight risk. >> reporter: they heard dramatic testimony from the case against him. the officer testified he found
5:35 pm
reeva steenkamp, lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in pistorius's home. the former olympian sobbed as the detective said the 29-year- old mold was wrapped in towels and had three bullet wounds, including one in the head. the double-amputee, known as blade runner, said his girlfriend's death was a tragic accident, that he shot his lover through a closed bathroom door, because he thought she was an intruder. but prosecutors believed the former olympian killed her after a valentine's day argument. they say a witness heard nonstop shouting coming from their home. although the defense later revealed, the witness lived a half mile away. there was also a back-and-forth about two boxes, discovered in pistorius's bedroom. police say they contained needles and banned drugs. the defense said it was an herbal remedy. outside of court, south africans can't believe the hero who represented them at the london olympics is now facing murder charges. >> very difficult to accept.
5:36 pm
because he was a role model. and i think of all of the children who look up to him. >> reporter: the runner's uncle says pistorius is innocent. >> he's not a violent person. he's a peacemaker. >> reporter: even though police don't believe pistorius's version of what happened, they have not found any inconsistence -- inconsistencies in his story. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> the bail hearing is expected to conclude by the end of the week. in less than a week, robert gladden will be sentenced for shooting a fellow student at perry hall high school. school gun violence remains a serious problem across america. wjz is live at the white house, where vic has been all day. he spoke to the secretary of education about this very issue. vic? >> well, mary, of course, violence is no -- violence in schools is all too familiar, rather, to the security of education, arnie duncan. today, he talked to me about his visit to maryland last year, where he went to that
5:37 pm
particular high school. and one week later, shots rang out and a child was hit. >> and we lost one young person, averaged one young person, every two weeks, due to gun violence. a staggering, horrific rate of loss. so the president, and the vice president and i are going to do everything we can to make sure people can grow up in a climate free of fear. >> one of the ways the secretary says he is working to remedy the situation is by working with vice president joe biden to develop stricter laws on guns. i'm vic carter at the white house. now back to you on television hill. >> vic will have more on his interview with president obama, coming up all new at 6:00. baltimore's most famous doctor in the national spotlight, after criticizing president obama. now, tonight, dr. ben carson speaks only to wjz in his first local tv only interview. adam may has the story.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: are you surprised about the attention this has gotten, dr. carson? >> i am. i didn't expect it to go viral. >> reporter: in his first interview, dr. ben carson talks about his recent attack on president obama's policies. >> our deficit is a big problem. when a person is born, give them a birth certificate, an electronic medical record and a health savings account. and there's nobody talking about death panels. >> reporter: the speech has been viewed over a million times, praised by conservatives. >> move over president obama, the doctor is in the house. >> people are not used to hearing things that make sense coming out of washington. so somebody actually gets up and says something that makes sense. and it's like -- people start hyperventilating. >> reporter: dr. carson rose to fame as one of the world's top neurosurgeons. but now he's concerned about political gridlock in washington. >> the best thing that they can possibly do is stop try to
5:39 pm
interfere with everybody's life. >> reporter: dr. carson favors repealing the complicated tax code, with a flat tax. >> it's not fair to sit around and say, well, you're doing exceptionally well, so we need to hit you extra hard. that's not fair. what's fair is the way that god did it. you make $10. you pay $1. you make $10 billion, you pay a billion. >> reporter: these have many calling on the independent to run for office. >> that calling to me has to come from god. i never rule anything out. because i recognize that i am not totally in control. >> reporter: adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> dr. carson is retiring from johns hopkins in four months. to see more of adam's view of interview, with -- interview with dr. carson -- to her his comments about welfare and unwed mothers, log onto a big day for lance armstrong. he has decided not to testify under oath about his steroid
5:40 pm
use. the u.s. anti-doping agency had told armstrong, he would have to reveal all he knows about doping and cycling if he wanted to reduce his lifetime ban from sports. armstrong in january admitted to doping to win seven tour de france titles. the usa da investigation stripped him of those titles. well, soda makers and vendors head to court, trying to block new york city's new ban on large sugary drinks. the american beverage association calls the measure an unfair burden on businesses and wants a judge to delay it until its lawsuit is resolved. last year, city lawmakers passed legislation, barring restaurants and other eateries from selling any sugary drink, bigger than 16 ounces. supporters say it guards against obesity. the ban goes into effect in
5:41 pm
march. time for a look at the baltimore sun. more on the report that shows police did not have permission to use the abandoned rosewood center for an exercise during which a trainee was shot. meet a howard county woman who started a fitness training camp. and the nfl combine. for these and the baltimore sun, look for the weather from wjz's first warning weather team. a symphony, unlike any you have ever heard before. the soulful symphony is preparing for its performance this saturday. jessica kartalija has a preview. >> reporter: preparing for a performance that is nothing short of spectacular, an 85- piece orchestra, with vocals made up of mostly african american and latino musicians will perform the best of soulful symphony this weekend. >> we're breaking barriers and being very innovative with the possibilities of the symphony. makes it real fresh,
5:42 pm
innovative, and very appeal being to everyday people. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the symphony's creative director, darren atwater, made his orch stral debut in 1995 as a composer and pianist. he's now focused on making the symphony experience one for everyone to enjoy. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> we do everything from country, jazz, gospel to hip- hop. unlike standard symphony orchestras that do western european music like brahms, we specialize in western ver nackular music. >> reporter: ver nackular. >> >> reporter: it works to help students with limited resources. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> they sound great. soulful symphony has been in baltimore for 13 years. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news.
5:43 pm
million-dollar robbery. are police closing in on the men behind the biggest diamond heist in years? two workers, run down by a speeding car. why police say the driver will not face charges. bob turk. in the first warning weather center. a cold night on tap. and a cold day tomorrow. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's cold, cough and flu report.
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5:47 pm
friday, as i mentioned, some mix precip, sleet. rain, maybe a little freezing rain and wet snow which will eventually transition into rain on saturday. 38, 32. critical temperatures there. 42 on saturday. warmer for sunday and monday. back up in the mid- to upper 40s, with partly cloudy skies. so there's chilly air coming. but it will warm up by the end of the weekend. they -- mary? >> wasn't a pleasant commute in parts of oklahoma this morning. this was the scene in tulsa, as freezing rain made for treacherous driving conditions. several areas could see several inches of snow. the one bright side is that any precipitation will help the state's ongoing drought conditions. an international manhunt is under way for a gunman who pulled off one of the biggest diamond heists in years. $50 million in jewels stolen in minutes. mark phillips explains, the theft was like a scene out of a movie. >> reporter: the diamond world
5:48 pm
is buzzing over the heist. but not shocked. massive values of diamonds are assessed and shipped every day through an twerp, less than 30 miles from brussels airport, and the center of the world diamond market, which handles diamonds daily. it&it a fortress. the thieves knew where the weak link was, the airport fence, which they cut through. apparently disguised as police officers, and driving two vehicles with flashing police- type lights, they made straight for the gates where the swiss plane was loading passengers passengers and freight. they brandished weapons, but didn't need to fire a shot as they went straight for the diamonds destined for zurich, but which never got there. just as quickly, they were back through the fence and gone. the only evidence left behind, a burnt-out van, apparently set on fire, to destroy any fingerprints or other evidence. greg campbell is a writer on diamond crime. >> i think in terms of brazenness, this is really
5:49 pm
highly ranking. in terms of the amount of loot that they got away with, it still comes in pretty big. $50 million worth of diamonds and precious metals is quite a bit of money. >> reporter: it was clever, but not that clever. stolen diamonds don't sell like legit ones. >> i imagine if they say they get 20% of the value. >> reporter: still, 20% of a big number is a big number. which is why diamond theft is a growth industry. in real life and in the movies. >> i would say that compared to other heists in the past, this was less "oceans 11" because it wasn't necessarily as elegant as other crimes that have taken place in antwerp. >> reporter: that was mark phillips reporting. no one was hurt. police say they have a few leads, but again, no arrests have been made. a frightening moment is caught on a traffic camera in missouri, as a minivan approached a work crew on the streets. watch oz one of the vehicles hits one of the workers. police say they were employees of a water company. they say the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-
5:50 pm
threatening injuries. police are calling it an accident and no charges will be filed. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for these stories and more coming up, denise is standing by with a preview. hi, denise. >> hi, kai. speed camera controversy. found to be faulty. could this lead to a repeal of all speed cameras in the state? baltimore has a super bowl- winning football team and a baseball team that is on fire. so is the city ready to go for the gold and host the summer games? i'm gigi barnett at camden yards. the answer is next. check in for these stories and all the breaking news. coming up at 6:00. now, back to mary. >> thank you, denise. wjz would like to congratulate our girl's high school basketball team of the week. the city college women knights. city ranked number 9 by the rival poly. poly was ranked number 4 by the baltimore sun. city advances to the baltimore city division 1 championship
5:51 pm
game against digital harbor. for more on wjz's high school team of the week and our other team matchups, go to click on sports. >> city council guys always do get the lion's share of attention and parade of girls. >> >> fantastic. still ahead on eyewitness news. the action he felt for the orioles at spring training in florida. >> mark has the latest on the ♪ februany any! ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a whole new februany at subway®! now you can get any footlong™ for a song. ♪ februany any! ♪ that's right, many of our scrumptious footlongs™ are $5 footlongs™. and we've got amazing $6 footlong™ specials too. ♪ februany any! ♪ ♪ is g-g-goin' strong ♪ enjoy favorites like the turkey breast as $5 footlongs™. and hearty subs like the steak & cheese as $6 footlong™ specials. subway. eat fresh®.
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5:53 pm
spring training in florida, where they're just now away from the start of the games. mark viviano.
5:54 pm
>> we've heard a lot of the optimist voiced so far by sarasota. but it counters what the experts say. espn mag spreen, predicting a last placed finish for the o's, saying saying that play-off was a fluke. in our masn spring training report. they split up for a couple of infrasquad games. short stop, jj hardy, among the o's, who believe they can be just as good as last year. and talks about what it will take to may 90 games like they did in 2012. >> a lot of the same stuff i mean. it was just kind of that no- diet attitude. we expected to win every game. just went out there and need to keep that same feeling. >> we got a little more depth. pretty much the same lineup. with just a lot more experience. i think everything we did last year we should be better at
5:55 pm
this year. >> dropped last season. so buck showalter says he will move hardy out of the number 2 spot into a lower position. more on the o's, plus one of the top wrestling programs in america. they're here in baltimore. that's all at 6:00. >> that is correct, mark, thank you. still to come on eyewitness news. feelings of outrage and betrayal. i'll tell you about the dozens of patients now looking for lawyers, after
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. violated by video. this -- did this doctor secretly videotape his patient. >> and how many victims could there be? wjz updates the investigation. who murdered this college student? i'm derek valcourt. i'll tell you why this video could help them catch the killer. that's coming up on eyewitness news. president obama addresses issues that affect baltimore and all of maryland. my interview with him coming up. cold february night on tap. what about another round of snow? stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
violation of trust. johns hopkins patients secretly videotaped. >> why lawyers are now involved. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> growing alarm over that


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